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Double Sided Pcb, Double Sided Circuit Board Manufacturing

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Double Sided PCB,Double Sided Circuit Board Manufacturing Double Sided PCBs (also known as Double-Sided Plated Thru or DSPT) circuits were the gateway to higher technology applications. They allow for the routing of traces around each other by jumping between a top and bottom layer using vias. Today the double sided printed circuit board technology is perhaps the most popular type of PCB in the industry.At the heart of MOKO is a full featured bare PCB manufacturing facility. We manufacture boards encompassing a very diverse range. Double Sided Boards are the bread and butter of the Printed Circuit market. The vast majority of boards are of this type. With solder pads on both sides of the board and the ability to have circuits running in one direction on one side and the other direction on the other side, this type of board meets the criteria of durability, solderability, and dependability for a wide range of products for a wide array of customers. MOKO manufactures all of these types of boards. We offer competitive pricing and rock solid delivery dates. When we make a commitment, we meet it!  Benefits of Double Sided PCBs: More flexibility for designers Increased circuit density Relatively lower costs Intermediate level of circuit complexity Reduced board size (which can reduce costs)

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