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Double Studded Adopter Flanges

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Product Description
Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level double studded adopter flanges manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield double studded adopter flanges, welcome to contact us.IntroductionDSAF - Double Studded Adapter Flange is a combination of flanges of different sizes and pressure ratings.  DSAF we supplied is in various sizes and pressure ratings as per customer’s specified thickness, consistent with design considerations DSAF /Double Studded Adapter Flange range: Size: As per customer’s requirement Pressure rating: 2,000PSI to 15,000PSI Material of construction: As per API 16A Service condition: General, Sour servicesTechnical Specifications of DSAF (Double Studded Adapter Flange) DSAF Description Flange thickness (T) (mm 2-1/16” x 5M To 3-1/8” x 5M702-1/16” x 10M To 4-1/16” x 10M803-1/16” x 10M To 4-1/16” x 10M1303-1/16” x 10M To 4-1/16” x 5M804-1/16” x 5M To 2-1/16” x 5M754-1/16” x 5M To 3-1/8” x 5M834-1/16” x 2M To 4-1/16” x 5M807-1/16” x 10M To 13-5/8” x 10M1707-1/16” x 5M To 13-5/8” x 5M15011” x 15M To 18-3/4” x 15M25611” x 5M To 13-5/8” x 5M14413-5/8” x 10M To 11” x 10M26713-5/8” x 3M To 16-3/4” x 2M15013-5/8” x 10M To 18-3/4” x 15M25613-5/8” x 5M To 18-3/4” x 15M25618-3/4” x 15M To 20-3/4” x 3M27020-3/4” x 3M To 18-3/4” x 15M25621-1/4” x 2M To 18-3/4” x 15M256

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