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Dove PrismsFeature: High Precision Dimension Control,Optional Substrate Material.Applications: Used in Combination for Image/Beam Displacement,Image and Beam displacement system, Projection Optics Systems, Imaging Optics Systems, Optical Measurement Systems, Optical Display Systems, etc.Description:A Dove prism is a type of reflective prism which is used to invert an image. Two ends'surface of Dove prisms are trapezoid, two obtuse angles of trapezoid are 135 degree, two acurte angles are 45 degree, the shape of a dove prism is just like a truncated right-angle prism.Dove Prism is a form of prism invented by H. W. Dove. It resembles half of a common right-angle prism in which a ray entering parallel to hypotenuse face is reflected internally at that face and emerges parallel to its incident direction. One of the incident rays emerges along a continuation of its incident direction, and if the prism is rotated about that ray through some angle, the image rotates through twice that angle. A Dove Prism must be used in parallel light.Dove Prism has two applications. The main application is used as a rotator. It can rotate an image but without deviating the beam. And when the prism is rotated about the input parallel ray through some angle, the image rotates through twice that angle. It is very important that the application must be used with parallel or collimated beam and the large square reflective surface should be kept very clean. Another application is used as a retroreflector. For this application it perform as a right-angle prism.Specifications:Material: BK7 Grade A or equivalent Optical Glass Dimension(B,h) Tolerance: +0.0, -0.2 mm Dimension(A) Tolerance:± 0.2 mmClear Aperture: >80%Angle Tolerance: ±3 arc Minutes Flatness: l/2Lambda@632.8 nmSurface Quality: 60-40 scratch and dig Protective Bevel

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