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Drill Pipe

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Product Description
Drill PipeAs the important part of drill string, Drill Pipe is used to transmit torque to the Drill Bit. Each Drill Pipe is furnished with a pressed steel thread protectors. In the process of oil and gas extraction and refining, drill pipe can be used repeatedly. Some other testing of finished products, including hardness testing, stress testing and non destructive testing, should be carried out before painting and packing.Grade: G, S, E, XStandard: API-5DP ( Also available as per DS-1 and NS-1 Standard )Hard Banding: Arnco 100XT, Arnco 150XT, Arnco 300XT, Arnco 350XT, etc.Inner Coating: TK34, TK34K, TK34P, TC2000, TC3000, etc.Size: OD 2-3/8" -- 6-5/8"Length: R1, R2, R3Upsetting: IU, EU, IEUConnection: API Standard connection or Premium connection.Application: Deep well, horizontal well, and large displacement well in the Oil and gas exploration and production.Please specify when ordering:Size, Grade, Wall thickness, Quantity.We could also produce as per your individual requirements, like, Non API Standard size and Length, etc.Technical Parameter--Drill Pipe  SizeWeight DesignationPlain-End WeightWpeOutsidDiameter DWall thickness T  Grade Upset Ends,forweld-on tool jointslb/ftkg/minmmin.mm2 3/86.656.279.332.37560.30.287.11   E, X, G, SExt.Upset2 7/810.49.7214.472.875730.3629.19   E, X, G, SInt.Upset or Ext.Upset3 1/29.58.8113.123.588.90.2546.45    EInt.Upset or Ext.Upset3 1/213.312.3218.343.588.90.3689.35    E, X, G, SInt.Upset or Ext.Upset3 1/215.514.6421.973.588.90.44911.4    EInt.Upset or Ext.Upset3 1/215.514.6421.973.588.90.44911.4   X, G, SExt.Upset or Int.-Ext.Upset    41412.9519.27   4101.60.338.38   E, X, G, SInt.Upset or Ext.Upset4 1/213.712.2518.234.5114.30.2716.88   EInt.Upset or Ext.Upset4 1/216.61522.324.5114.30.3378.56   E, X, G, SExt.Upset or Int.-Ext.Upset4 1/22018.7127.844.5114.30.4310.92   E, X, G, SExt.Upset or Int.-Ext.Upset    516.2514.8822.16   51270.2967.52   X, G, SInt.Upset    519.517.9526.7     51270.3629.19   EInt.-Ext.Upset    519.517.9526.7   51270.3629.19   X, G, SExt.Upset or Int.-Ext.Upset    525.624.0535.8   51270.512.7    EInt.-Ext.Upset    525.624.0535.8   51270.512.7   X, G, SExt.Upset or Int.-Ext.Upset5 1/221.919.8329.525.5139.70.3619.17   E, X, G, SInt.-Ext.Upset5 1/224.722.5633.575.5139.70.41510.54   E, X, G, SInt.-Ext.Upset6 5/825.222.2133.046.625168.30.338.38   E, X, G, SInt.-Ext.Upset6 5/827.7224.2436.066.625168.30.3629.19   E, X, G, SInt.-Ext.UpsetIf you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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