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Drilling Jar

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Product Description
Drilling JarThe drilling jar is consists of drilling up jar and drilling down jar in one body, which has stable working performance and strong jarring force both up and down. When in down hole, it can release the struck; it is a desire tool for directional well and deep well.Working principle●Up jarringLowering drill string to make drilling jar closed completely (in locking position), elevating drill string by the order of small tonnage to larger tonnage, which make spring and hydraulic cylinder delay, when mandrel move to a position and become release resistance, the spring force stored in drill string will transfer to up forward energy and up jarring. Repeating the above  several times can force tool to produce continues up jarring.●Down jarringMove up and down the drill string to make drilling jar closed completely (in locking position), lowering drill string to make spring compressed and stored energy. When pressure of jar is larger than the desired lower unlocking force, grapple will slide out from mandrel to release the locking and make down jarring. Repeating the above  several  times can force tool to produce continues down jarring.Technical Parameters -- JYSZ Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling JarModelJYSZ121        JYSZ165      JYSZ203           O.D. (mm)     121           165          203          I.D. (mm)     51.4            57         71.4    Closed length (mm)    4500          5175         5770  Upper Stroke (mm)     228           224         240  Lower Stroke (mm)     150           150          176Connection    NC38          NC50     6 5/8 REG Max.tensile load (MN)     1.4            2.2          3.6 Max.work torque (kN.M)     13            15          20 Max.jarring lifting tons (tf)     38            72         109Pumping area (cm2)     60           100         176Weight  286kg           638kg       1139kgType available:QYSZ Double Acting Hydraulic Drilling JarQJZ Mechanical Drilling JarJYSZ Double Acting Hydraulic-Mechanical Drilling JarZSJ/JXJ Hydraulic & Mechanical Drilling JarSJ Double-Way Shock AbsorberYJ One-Way Shock AbsorberDJ Surface Bumper JarYSJ Type Oil JarCSJ Super Fishing JarZJS Jar IntensifierIf you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by sales@sxgtpm.com

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