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Drilling Spool

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level drilling spool manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield drilling spool, welcome to contact us.IntroductionThe Drilling spool is used to connect with bop for oilfield drilling work.The spool is made of alloy steel and heat-treated. It is used on the oil and gas well which is with a pressure of less than 105Mpa. It is tested according to ((SY/T5053.1-2000 BOP and control equipment, BOP)) before shipping to be used safely.The spool applies to drilling high pressure oil and gas well, the connecting of the by passage of the spool with the valves and pipes will play not only a role of blowout and choking , but also a role of connecting the BOP with the wellhead. Installation and Maintenance of drilling spool1. Being used when connecting with the BOP and the casing head.2. The steel ring grove should be cleaned before installation.3. Tighten studs averagely of connecting the spool with the BOP.Top flangeBottom flangeTop flangeBottom  flange11"×2000psi (279.4mm×14MPa)11"×2000psi (279.4mm×14MPa)11"×5000psi (279.4mm×35MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)11"×2000psi (279.4mm×14MPa)13-5/8"×2000psi (346.1mm×14MPa)11"×10000psi (279.4mm×70MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)11"×3000psi (279.4mm×21MPa)11"×3000psi (279.4mm×21MPa)11"×15000psi (279.4mm×105MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)11"×3000psi (279.4mm×21MPa)13-5/8"×2000psi (346.1mm×14MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)21-1/14"×2000psi (539.8mm×14MPa)11"×3000psi (279.4mm×21MPa)13-5/8"×3000psi (346.1mm×21MPa)13-5/8"×10000psi (346.1mm×70MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)11"×5000psi (279.4mm×35MPa)13-5/8"×3000psi (346.1mm×21MPa)13-5/8"×15000psi (346.1mm×105MPa)13-5/8"×5000psi (346.1mm×35MPa)

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