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Drum Core Inductor

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components drum core inductor and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading drum core inductor manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics drum coil, radial leaded inductor, radial choke inductors, leaded drun core inductor, axial lead fixed inductors from our factory. DRUM CORE INDUCTORFeatures : Radial Leaded Drum Core Inductor, High current with Inductance Range from 1.8uH to 82mH ●Inductance: 1.8 to 82,000µH●Inductance tolerance: ±10% and ±20%●Operating temperature: -25 to +85°C DCR (maximum): 0.002 to 3.390Ω Saturated current: 1.3 to 27A Testing: inductance is tested on an HP4284A at 1.0kHz 0.1V●Packaging: bulk●Sleeving: coils finished with UL-VW-1 sleeving●Mounting: center hole furnished for mechanical mounting●Miscellaneous: RoHS-marked, non-standard tolerances and other values available●Additional information: additional electrical and physical information available upon request●Axial and radial leaded power inductor UL-polyolefin shrinking tubing Leaded inductor with ferrite core●High-current leaded inductor/ power inductor ●High-reliability leaded inductor ●Low-resistance AC line filters●Air core coil●Common mode choke coils●Radial choke inductors●Shielded radial choke●Toroidal coil●Ferrite beads●Wide band chokes●Axial lead fixed inductors Small, medium and large quantities are available   Remarks : Various sizes are available With wide frequency range Low-profile power inductor Low DCR leaded power inductor Contain high-frequency cores. Low cost with rugged reliability andperformance fixed inductor. Radial leaded inductors Leaded inductor with ferrite cores Excellent heat resistance Shielded structure is available large current DR core power line choke coils Axial leaded power inductor Radial leaded power line inductor chokes Leaded inductor with ferrite core Low-resistance leaded inductor AC line filters Air core coil Shielded radial choke Toroidal coil Applications: used in switching regulators, power amplifiers, power supplies, SCR and TRIAC controls, speaker crossover networks, RFI suppression and filters Widely used in Power Supply/ DC-DC converter/ TV Sets/ VTR/Computer peripherals/ Telephones/ Air-conditions/ Home electric appliance etc. Low-profile and shielded very effective in space-conscious applications Low-resistance to deep power loss (minimum) Appearance inspection: no external defect by visual inspection Noise suppression for power supply, especially for DC-to-DCconverters, DC to AC inverters Computer and peripheral products Consumer electronic products Communication electronic products Measuring instruments Fullstar Type SeriesFDR SERIES (Radial Leaded Drum Core Inductor, High –Current, 1.8uH to 82mH Inductance Range)

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