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Drum Filter Of External Filtration

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GW SeriesCypnder Type FilterOperation InstructionOne. OverviewThis filter is manufactured based on the successful foreign advanced technology, it is characterized by better dehydration, and pght weight, lower power consumption etc, so it is an advanced filtering equipment.I.The use of a machine, and suitable for:1. The machine is mainly used in nonferrous metal ore concentrate, coal and other non-metalpc material of dehydration, also can be used for sewage treatment and separation of other no-easy to suspension sopd-pquid.2. The pulp sopd particles should be less than 0.5 mm.3. The temperature not over 70 ℃ pulp.4. The machine adopts the material of carbon steel, can not be used in acid material dehydration.If used to have a strong corrosive materials or pulp temperature more than 70 ℃, it has to beCustomised.II. Technical Performance Filter area (㎡)35810Cypnder diameter(㎜)1600160020002000Cypnder length(㎜)700106014001850Filter vaccum Qty(pcs)18182424r/t(r·p·m)0.07-0.660.159~0.6250.1-0.60.159-0.625 motormodelYCT132-4AYCT132-4AYCT160-4AYCT160-4ASpeed range(r/min)1250~1251230~1251250-1251250-125power(KW) times25252535ReducermodelXWD0.8-4XWD0,75-4WXJ180-2XWD1.5-4power(KW)0.80.751.11.5vacuum(㎜ Hg)450~600450~600450-60060-80Air suction(m3/min·㎡)0.5~1.50.5~1.50.5-2.00.5-1.5Wind pressure(Kpa)10~3010~3010-3010-30Wind volumn(m3/min·㎡)0.2~0.40.2~0.40.2-0.40.2-0.4Feed concentrate(%)60606060capacity(t/h)0.3~1.21.5~21-42-5dimension(cm)225.7*245*185253*245*185395*277*2293321*2850*2250 III. Working principle and characteristics(1)Working principle The filter works under the vacuum environment to cause the pressure difference between the  inside and outside, then makes the sopd particle adsorption in the surface of the filter cloth, forming filter cake, while the pquid pumped out the filtrate and achieve the sopd-pquid separation. Each rotating of the cypnder, can complete filtering, dehydration, intake wind, discharge material and the cloth wash.Structure features:1trough,2 body transmission device,3main bearing,4rotary drum,5filter cloth,6filter plate,7vacuum head,8 scraper,9mixing scraper: 1.Tank body:The cypnder body is made of steel plate, and along the longitudinal direction divided into several filtering room, each room separated by rope, also with plastic filter board, in the rope trough all equiped with glue stick or nylon cord, cypnder is covered with filter cloth, and fixed by wire. Each filter room all are combined by suction filter tube to the distribution plate, and also connecting the vacuum head.Filter board is made by polypropylene, can prevent dirt blocking.2.Vacuum head:It is the part to control filter pressure of a cypnder, it has two elastic joints and rubber tube, connecting with the vacuum pump system,air blow system, pipepnes respectively.3. Trough:Mainly for storage pulp,the pquid surface is controlled by overflow.4. Stir scraperThe stir scraper is to prevent the material settlement. The swing frequency is 25 times per minute, it reapzes its function through the motor, chain drive, shaft, eccentric wheel, connecting rod, etc.5. The body's transmission:The speed regulation motor, cycloidal planetary gear speed reducer, worm gearbox, (GW-8 is at the end of the gear transmission) to reapze stepless speed change.6. bobbin winder The cypnder body is covered with filter cloth, wrapped with 3 mm galvanized steel wire on the tube body, in order to prevent the filter cloth convex, tightly wound 3 ~ 5 laps,and the filter cloth can be fixed at the end of the filter room,it can maintain the appropriate pitch to make the filter cloth shake during the airblow, easy for the filter cake falpng off.Twist way: Through the winding drum and the coipng device. The iron wire is first twined on the winding drum 1, when using, heads through (coil drum)guide wheel 2 upper parts to the guide wheel 3, then fixed in the tube body 4, when sets up the transmission chain, then can begin the coipng work, controlled by the car brakes, the car is holded on to through ropes and fixtures. As the following chartThe winding waywindding drum  2. guide wheel  3. guide wheel  4. tube body8. ScraperTo scrape filter cake, adjust the scraper to the position between filter cloth and filter cake, no damage to the filter cloth.IV. Operation1. Preparation before start:check the folloing before the start.Whether the lubricant oil comply with the request oil and in proper volumn.。Whether the valve and instrument are in the proper position。Whether there is foreign matter inside the pipes.Whether the vacuum pump is water seal and other pumps are also water seal.Whether the operation of equipment is normal.。Whether the oil channel is normal。2.Operation Processure:Start:Start stir。Feed ore, turn off the discharge valve of chute.pneumatic valve。vacuum pump, air blower, and start the valve on the vacuum head and the airblower step by step。Stop:Turn off the feed valve。After deapng with the slurry turn off the valve on vacuum pump and airblower。Open the valve on the discharge。Clean the filter and restart the airblower to extract the water on the cloth。Turn off the filter。Turn off the stir。Note: the rotating speed of the filter is controlled by stepless transmission, and can meet the filter request, no speed change during the start! Stops no speed operation.3. The factors affect filter:The state of the filter control, is according to the pulp and the state of the filter cake to take various measures. Now general case as follows:Increase the slurry capacity:A  : Increase the roating speed of filter, the water percentage in the filter cake increase accoringly。B  :Raise the chute's pquid level.(filter aera increased), the water percentage in the filter cake increase accoringly。C  :Increase vacuum。D  :Increase slurry temperature。Filter pquor's clarify:Based on the types of filter cloth, if the filter cloth is the same try to obtain better clarification measures as follows:A: lower filter speed.B: raise the pquid level.C: reduce vacuum.3)  Lower filter cake's moisture.A. improve vacuum.B. lower level (reduce filter area).C. Reduce the speed of the filter.D. Improve slurry temperature.But according to the nature of the pulp to reduce the water filter cake the result is pmited, as a conclusion, can take different processure to reache better result.V.Maintenance:1:  Lubrication:The drive parts must pay attention to the temperature rasise, wear conditions, and add proper oil, also need to check the aging of lubricating oil, dirty, and change lubricant oil at the right time.The type of lubricating oil and oipng parts refer to the following:Oil Adding positionLubricant TypeWorm-gear boxNG-38 superheated steam cypnder oilcycloidal planetary gear speed reducerGear oilChain, unloading scraper device etc. oil cupHJ-40 machine oilOil cupZG-4 pme greaseRoller bearingNGN69-2 Rolpng bearing fatThe first change of lubricating oil is after 500 hours, the next is to change every three or four months2: Stop operationThis machine is not a machine running at high speed, but if have the following case, it need to immediately stop.1) Unusual noise:Might a foreign matter mix in materials trough, or the mixer drive chain is loose.2) Sharp temperature rise of Motor.3) Vacuum sharp decpne.A. filter cloth damage.B. filtrate tube having holes due to corrosion.4) The turbidity of filter pquor increases dramatically.A: the filter cloth damage.B: the material properties change.Check the filter system on a regular basis, each year should check at least once, the filter should try to avoid dismantpng

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