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Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment

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ZM-TT4 Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment Hangzhou ICOM Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd Main technical description of ZM-TT4 Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment 1 Main Technical Description The design of double-unit structure is adopted for ZM-TT4 Drummed Asphalt Melting Equipment, composed of the asphalt dumping main equipment unit and the heat-conducting oil boiler unit, and the form of frame structure is applied to its both main-body structures, for the strength and the stability of the units to be reliably ensured. Stainless steel corrugated pipe flexible connection is adopted for the pipeline connection between the two units, typical of simple site dismantlement and installation as well as convenient transportation especially adaptable to installation and construction on overseas construction sites. Heat-conducting oil “S” coil pipe is mainly employed for heating of the dumping unit, and at the same time the combustion waste gas of the heat-conducting oil boiler is utilized for auxiliary heating, which has effectively improved the fuel utilization efficiency, and reduced energy consumption. 类别type项目item参数parameter备注remarks基本参数basic parameter生产率productivity(t/h) 3~4ambient temperature>=25℃amount(pail/per vehicle)20 capacity of bitumen(m3)12 the temperature of bitumen(℃)130-160 asphalt pump(m3/h)27 speed of the truck(m/min)10.4 加热系统heating systemcapacity of condution oil (kw)470 Dimension(mm)6000*2200*2600 供电系统 power supply systemtotal power of electricla(kw)

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