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Dry Concrete Polishing Pad

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Product Description
Diamond dry soft concrete polishing pads These pads are developed resin to increase productivity and bring a high polish quickly. Most flexible. The unique design can fit all concrete machines Dry use. They are very popular and the best resin concrete floor polishing pads on the market. They are very soft and produce a great finish without leaving scratches.  With velcro back. And velcro color can be changed as requested.Very soft.Use with all concrete grinders or polishersOne set including 30 ,50 , 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit.Available sizes: 3"Thickness:2.5mmDry Use.Item No.SizeGrit No.Velcro ColorThicknessC1002393"/76mm30Orange2.5mmC10024050  GreyC100241100  BlackC100242200  BlueC100243400  RedC100244800  WhiteC1002451500  YellowC1002463000  Dark Blue

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