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Dry Polishing Pad

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Product Description
Diamond Dry Polishing Pads (Honeycomb)       They are one of the best dry diamond polishing pads for granite and marble at this affordable price. They offer the top quality polish on both granite and marble. They can makes stones surface most shining and smooth. Specially for walls. Non burning, non staining. With velcro back,easy to operate. And velcro color can be changed as requested. Honeycomb shaped Very flexible. RPM: 4000. Use with variable speed grinder or polisher One set including 30 ,50 , 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit, black buff, and white buff. Available sizes: 2",3",4",4.5",5",6",7",9" Thickness:2.0mm Dry Use. Item No. Size Grit No. Velcro Color Thickness C100443 4"/100mm 30 Purple 2.0mm C100019 50   Dark Blue C100020 100   Yellow C100021 200   Orange C100022 400   Red C100023 800  Dark Green C100024 1500   Light Blue C100025 3000   Brown C100026 Black Buff   Black C100027 White Buff White

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