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Dth Drilling Bit

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Product Description
Down the hole bits       Name of product Diam(mm)  Tip size(mm)Spline  Weight(Kg)GaugeFront           Down the hole button bits 765×123×1145×42.5ZQ76C-454 906×144×1250×63.5ZQ90D1-506CZ90956×142×122×123.6ZQ95D-506B1906×144×1254×63.5ZQ90D3-546CZ90ACIR90936×142×142×123.5ZQ90D8-546B1906×142×142×123.5ZQ90D9-546B1956×144×123.7ZQ95D-546 1006×143×142×1456×44.8ZQ100D-564B1CZ100CZ100B1056×143×143×125.1ZQ105D-564B11106×143×143×125.3ZQ110D3-564B11156×143×144×145.6ZQ115D3-564B11206×143×144×145.9ZQ120D2-564B1 1106×143×144×1260×45.5ZQ110D4-604B11106×144×123×125.3ZQ110D8-604B11156×143×144×145.8ZQ115D4-604B1 1106×145×1465×66.3ZQ110D-656CZ1101156×163×143×146.5ZQ115D1-656B11206×146×146.8ZQ120D-6561256×163×143×147ZQ125D1-656B11306×163×144×147.4ZQ130D1-656B11356×167×148.1ZQ135D-6561406×167×148.8ZQ140F-6561508×147×143×1482×615.5ZQA150F-826CZ150A 1058×146×1264×88ZQ105F1-648CZG115 DHD340A1158×146×148.3ZQ115F1-648 1408×168×1483×814.5ZQ140F-838DHD3501408×168×1488×815.8ZQ140F-888 1528×1610×1499×822.6ZQ152F-998DHD3601658×1610×1624ZQ165F-998 1006×14  3×14    2×12  1×12504.3ZQ100D2-50B1BA-47 (BA100-00)1056×14  3×14    2×14  1×144.3ZQ105D2-50B11106×14  3×14    3×14  1×144.4ZQ110D2-50B11156×14  3×14    3×14  1×144.6ZQ115D2-50B11206×14  3×14    4×14  1×145ZQ120D1-50B11256×14  3×14    4×14  1×145.6ZQ125D1-50B11306×14  3×14    4×14  1×145.9ZQ130D1-50B1Product FeaturesDTH drilling tools are divided into high pressure and low pressure series. By adopting high-quality raw materials and through advanced production technology, we produce high-quality series DTH drilling tools. The various models of high-pressure impactor, DTH drill bits produced by us can be used as auxiliary products for the products produced by SANDVIK ATLAS COPCO, Ingersoll-Rand and other world-renowned companies; our products are widely used in earthwork, mining, water well drilling, and construction, etc.Product manual:1. To select DTH the drill bits according to the rock conditions (hardness, abrasion resistance) and the type of the drilling machine (high pressure, low pressure). Different forms of alloy teeth and cloth teeth are suitable for different rock drilling. Choosing the right DTH drilling bits is the premise to obtain the best results.2. When installing the DTH drill bits, gently put the drill bits into the drill sleeve of the DTH hammer; do not crash it hard so as not to damage the head or caudal peduncle or the drill sleeve.3. During the drilling process, we need to ensure adequate compressed air pressure for the DTH drilling machine. If the impactor works intermittently, or borehole cannot discharge powder smoothly, check the air compressing system of the DTH drilling machine to ensure that there is no rock piece in the borehole during rock drilling process.4. If metal objects fall into the hole, they should be sucked out with a magnet or removed by other methods in order to avoid damage to the drill bit;5. Pay attention to the size of the borehole during replace of the drill bit. If the drill diameter in under excessive wear condition while the borehole is not yet drilled, the drill bit should not be replaced in order to avoid sticking of the drill bit. We can use the used and worn drill bit with similar wear diameter to complete the work.

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