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Dtv Media Processor Dmp500

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DMP500 DTV Media ProcessorMain Application support new network architectures.with 6 independent hot-swappable module slots.the next generation of intelligent headend processing equipment.brings operational and economic benefits in Video delivery applications.4 ASI/IP Multiplexing Module (CX504)ASI inputs/outputs: 4 ASI bi-direction, BNC 75ΩIP inputs/outputs: 2 100/1000M Ethernet Port Re-multiplexing: PID remapping, PCR correction, generate PSI/ SI table automaticallyStream In: maximum 4 ASI input, 256×2 IP inputStream Out: maximum 4 ASI output , 256×2 IP output5 ASI Multiplexing Module (CX505)ASI inputs/outputs: 5 ASI bi-direction, BNC 75ΩStream in: maximum 5 ASI inputRe-multiplexing: PID remapping, PCR correction, generate PSI/ SI table automaticallyStream out: maximum 5 ASI output 4 CVBS Encoding Module (CX214)Encoder inputs: 4 CVBS video inputs, 4 Stereo Audio inputs (BNC 75Ω)Video format: MPEG-2Image format: PAL, NTSC SD signalInput resolution: 720×480_60i, 544×480_60i, 352×480_60i352×240_60i, 320×240_60i, 176×240_60i, 76×120_60i720×576_50i, 704×576_50i, 640×576_50i, 352×288_50i320×288_50i, 176×288_50i, 176×144_50i,GOP structure: IBBPBVideo bitrate: 0.1Mbps~8Mbps each channelAudio processing: Audio format:MPEG-1 Layer 2, AC3Sampling rate: 48KHzResolution: 24-bitAudio bitrate: 128Kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps, 384kbps each channel2 HDMI Encoding/Transcoding Module (CX202A)Encoder inputs: 2 HDMI inputsVideo EncodingVideo format: MPEG2 & MPEG4 AVC/H.264Input resolution: 1920*1080_60i, 1920*1080_50i, 1280*720_60p, 1280*720_50P 720*480_60i, 720*576_50iRate control mode: CBR/VBRAspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3Video bitrate: 0.5 ~ 19.5Mbps for H.264 encoding                      1 ~ 19.5Mbps for MPEG-2 encodingAudio EncodingAudio format: MPEG1 Layer II, MPEG2-AAC, MPEG4-AAC, Dolby Digital AC3 (2.0)Sampling rate: 48KHzAudio bitrate: 64Kbps-320kbps each channelVideo Tanscoding2*MPEG2 HD → 2*MPEG2/H.264 HD 2*MPEG2 HD → 2*MPEG2/H.264 SD 4 *MPEG2 SD → 4 *MPEG2/H.264 SD2* H.264 HD → 2*MPEG2/H.264 HD 2* H.264 HD → 2*MPEG2/H.264 SD 4* H.264 SD → 4 *MPEG2/H.264 SDAudio Tanscoding: MPEG-1 Layer 2, AAC and AC3 any-to-any or pass through4 HDMI Encoding Module (CX224)Encoder inputs: 4 HDMI inputsVideo ProcessingVideo format: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encodingInput resolution:1920×1080_60P, 1920×1080_50P,  1920×1080_60i, 1920×1080_50i,1280×720_60P,1280×720_50P, 720×576_50i,720×480_60iGOP structure: IBBPVideo bitrate: 0.8Mbps ~ 19Mbps each channelRate Control: CBR/VBRAudio processingAudio format: MPEG1 Layer II, (MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 AAC Optional), AC3 passthroughSampling rate: 48KHzResolution: 24-bitAudio bitrate: 64Kbps ~ 320Kbps each channelAudio Gain: 0-4002 IP Transcoding Module (CX202)Resolution: 480i,576i, 720P@50, 720P@60, 1080i@50, 1080i@60,  1080P@50, 1080P@60Video Tanscoding: 2*MPEG-2/ H.264/ AVS/AVS+  HD/SD → 2* H.264 HD/SDAudioTanscoding:MPEG-1 Layer II, LC-AAC , HE-AAC, AC3,DRA→ MPEG-1 Layer II, LC-AAC , HE-AACAudio bitrate: 64Kbps - 384KbpsRate Mode: CBR,VBRGOP Struct: IBBP, IPPP, IBP2 HD-SDI Decoding Module (CX702)ASI inputs: 2 ASI bi-direction, BNC 75ΩDecodingVideo Format: MPEG-2/H.264Resolution: up to 1080p-25/30fAudio Format: MPEG1 Layer2, LC-AAC, HE-AAC, AC3 (2.0/5.1), AC3 PassthroughSupport Dual Audio Out, CC/SubtitleStream In: 1-2 ASI inputVideo/Audio Out: 2 HD/SD SDI output16/32 RF Modulating Module (CX316/CX332)IP inputs/outputs: 512×2 IP input, 2 100/1000M Ethernet Port (Optical)RF outputs (DVB-C): F type16/32 channels of multiplexing, scrambling and modualtion.MultiplexingMaximum PID Remapping: 180 input per channelFunction: PID remapping (automatically or manually), Accurate PCR adjusting,  generate PSI/ SI table automaticallyScramblingMaximum simulcrypt CA: 4Standard: ETR289, ETSI 101 197, ETSI 103 197Connection: Local/remote connectionModulationStandard: EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A/BMER: ≥40dbRF frequency: 50 ~ 960MHz, 1KHz stepRF output level: -20 ~ +10dbm (87~117 dbµV), 0.1db step for all carriersSymbol Rate: 5.0Msps ~ 7.0Msps, 1ksps steppingConstellation: 16/32/64/128/256QAMOutput: 16 non-adjacent carrier outputs within 192M bandwidthOutput: 32 non-adjacent carrier outputs within 384M bandwidth2 DVB-S/S2 Descrambling Module (CX902)DVB-CI: 2 independent common interface slotsStandard: DVB-S/S2DVB-S   DVB-S2Input Frequency: 950-2150MHz   950-2150MHz  Symbol Rate: QPSK 2~45Mbauds QPSK 1 - 45Mbauds8PSK 2 ~ 30MbaudsFEC Demodulation:1/2, 2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4,     4/5,5/6,8/9, 9/10 Signal Strength:  -65 ~ -25dBm  Stream in: 2 Tuner inputStream out: 1ASI output 2 IP output over UDP protocol, 1000M Base-TSupport Diseqc functionMultiplexingMaximum PID Remapping: 256 inputFunction:PID remapping (automatically or manually), Accurate PCR adjusting, generate PSI/ SI table automatically DescramblingCAM/CI Quantity: 2      BISS Mode: Mode 1, Mode E; up to 120Mbps (Optional as required)4 FTA Tuner Module (CX904)DVB-S2 inputs: 4 Tuner inputs, BNC 75ΩStandard: DVB-S/S2DVB-S DVB-S2Input Frequency:950-2150MHz950-2150MHz  Symbol Rate:QPSK 2~45MbaudsQPSK 1~45Mbauds8PSK 2~30Mbauds16APSK 1~45 Msps32APSK1~32 MspsFEC Demodulation: 1/2, 2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8  1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4,    4/5,5/6,8/9, 9/10 Signal Strength:  -65 ~ -25dBm  Support Diseqc functionMultiplexingMaximum PID Remapping: 256 inputFunction:PID remapping (automatically or manually), Accurate PCR adjusting, generate PSI/ SI table automaticallyEnvironment Base Unit ParametersDimension(W×L×H): 482mm×410mm×44mmApprox weight: 8kgEnvironment: 0 ~ 45℃(work); -20 ~ 80℃(Storage)Power requirements: AC 110V± 10%, 50/60Hz, AC 220 ± 10%, 50/60HzPower consumption : 20W

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