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Dual Antenna Camera

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Product Description
It is the wireless wifi camera with double antenna, one of which is for wifi remote control and the other is for accessing to RF433 alarm devices. As the wifi remote control function, it can be realized by the Android and iOS app which connects to wifi or GPRS.That means the P2P monitoring can happens anytime,anywhere for you.There are also multiple platforms for controlling, including mobile phone, tablet PC, Laptop etc.And the RF433 alarm devices includes PIR sensor,Door contact, remote control etc. The two-direction-communication between the mobile phone and camera can be the great protection way for you. The monitoring angle can be 350°horizontally and 120°vertically. Different installation way makes all direction monitor available.You may install it on the ceiling, on the way, or just put it at table. There is also with motion detection function.When the object moves in the image, the camera will record automatically.When the image quite, it will stop recording to save SD space, you may also set it keeping recording no matter there is object moves or not. And once there is alarm message, it will be sent to your app and email as you set. The camera support TF car up to 64G. Once insert a TF card, the camera will keep saving the latest video and deleting the oldest to make the TF car full space.

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