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Dual-frequency Metal Detector

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Product Description
Dual-Frequency Metal Detector MDC-Symmetric DPURPOSEEspecially designed for Food IndustrialWidely used for detecting body touched products, large effect products such as: cosmetic, tissue, rubber, and plastic, chemic......FEATURES1. Multi-Frequency &Dual-System Detection.2. Very high resolution for Phase-Angle adjustment.3. Automatic product effect & sensitive study.4. Based on High speed 32bit CPU control unit.5. LCD with Touch Screen, Easy to operation.6. High speed 32bit DSP and advanced signal filter.7. Friendly operation system with Multi-Language.8.3 Level authorization & Multi-operator setup.9. 100 products memory.10. Detection & Login records.11. Standard equipped USB port for data export.12. Internet connection capability.13. Tools free conveyor belt disassemble.14. Small size conveyor design.15. IP65 optional.SPECIFICATIONSModelMDC-Symmetric DDetection TheoryBalanced CoilSensitivity AdjustmentAuto and ManualConveyor Speed25m/min(Adjustable)Rejection SystemAir Blast, swing arm, arm push(optional)Operation WayTouch ScreenAlarmBuzzerPowerAC110V/220V 50 -60HZRated OutputAppr.300WSERIES PRODUCT(400-600)mm*100mmFe¢0.5mm SUS¢1.0mm(400-600)mm*120mmFe¢0.6mm SUS¢1.2mm(400-600)mm*150mmFe¢0.8mm SUS¢1.5mm(400-600)mm*180mmFe¢1.0mm SUS¢2.0mm(400-600)mm*200mmFe¢1.0mm SUS¢2.0mm(400-600)mm*250mmFe¢1.5mm SUS¢2.5mm(400-600)mm*300mmFe¢2.0mm SUS¢3.0mmAbove sensitivity are machine test without any product sensitivity.Actual sensitivity will be different due to product effect, working environment and any other factors.

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