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Dust Filter Cartridge Pleating Machine/line/air Filter Pleating Machine

PRICE: 28000 USD
Product Description

Dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line/Air filter pleating machine


Dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line are specially for making dust filter cartridge, panel air filter and pleated filter, pleating non woven fabrics and wire mesh.


  1. Main parts of dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line
  1. Automatic feeding part
  2. Cutting and feeder part
  3. Printer
  4. Auto-counter
  5. Filter paper pleating machine part
  1. Specs of dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line
  1. Cutting and feeder part:

Feeding speed: adjustable from 0.5 m/min ~ 12 m/min

Filter paper adjustable width: 32~600 mm

Power: 220v/ 50hz, 0.75KW

Working air pressure: 0.6Mpa

Weight: 350kgs

  1. Printer

Max printing width: 600mm

Adjustable Printing distance: 8~55mm

Power:220V/50HZ, 1.5kw

  1. Pleating part

Max width:600mm

Adjustable Pleats height:8~55mm

Pleating speed: 0~200pleats per minutes

Power: 380V/50HZ

Motor: 1.1KW

Preheating: 4KW

Temperature control: normal ~200 ℃

Working air pressure: 0.6 Mpa

Weight: 650kg

Size: 1670*1720*1240mm(LWH)

  1. Features of dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line
  1. Cutter and feeder can adjust the cutting size exactly according to different cartridge size.

Cutting size is controlled by frequency converter and cylinder knife.

Easy operation, cutting pieces are smooth.

Inspected by sensor.

Feed speed and printing speed are synchronous.

  1. Printer can print filter paper with different pleat height. Printing distance is set up by computer as per your requirement. Step by step motor feeding makes printing distance more accurate, easier adjustment and better folding.

This machine can also convex hull on the filter paper, especially for making air filter and dust filter cartridge.

  1. Folding machine is using upper and lower knives alternate method to complete folding work. To get different folding height, Knifes distance can be adjusted automatically by computer. Folding height is accurate and stable.
  2. Auto counter, fold and preheating.
  3. This machine is also available for pleating or folding wire mesh and non woven fabric used on liquid filter and press filter.
  1. Application of dust filter cartridge pleating machine/line

Dust filter cartridge pleating machine /line is used for producing filter used in auto filtration, hydraulic industry, water treatment, liquid filtration, press filtration, purification industry.

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