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Dvb-c Sd Set Top Box Stb205

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‍STB205 DVB-C SD SET TOP BOXSTB205 support for digital video broadcasting services and the basic subtitle broadcast applications,Website:http://www.dibvision.com, such as digital video, audio, broadcasting, electronic program guide EPG, boot screen, captions advertising features, online software upgrade.FeaturesThe main chip is Montage chipset HM-1521Main chip hardware speed is above 300MHz, Flash capacity of 8M, DDRAM capacity of 256Mb. Tuner solution for MXL608 chip solutionsSTB225 hardware according to different functional modular design, the interface comply with ISO7816 standardsstereo output supported, has set the left and right channel remote switching function, the default output for the left channelSTB205 loader to meet the relevant standards and stable operation, including CA, including the replacement and software upgrade, you can upgrade or serial online upgradeSupport automatic and manual full-band search, and single frequency search, automatic search without setting the whole band search parameters. Users can edit their own preferences programscreen notifications and e-mail functions, and parental control and grading program lock function supportedHaving a partition function, and the subtitle broadcast functionRemote support learning function, remote control distance of up to 20 meters straight line, remote control can control the TV power5VDC or 220VAC with dual power input interface, easy to use and maintain (our products exclusive design)The remote control is waterproof stainless steel button, remote control distance of up to 20MHigh stability and reliabilityTechnical SpecificationsGeneralModel NameDVB-C SD STB, STB205Chip solutionMontage chipset HM-1521Product materialIron / PlasticPowerPower panel inside / Power outsideCADIBSYS CA, IC card excludedRF input interfaceRF input frequency110-862MHzInput resistance75ΩMinimum input level≤32dBuV (32QAM)Maximum input level≥80dBuVPhysical channel bandwidth8MHzC / N Threshold≤28dB (32QAM, 6.952Mbaud)MER threshold≤26dBFrequency capture range±150kHzInput Return Loss≥8dB (RF tuner is currently tuned channel to test)DemodulationAdaptive 16, 32, 64, 256 QAM (basic requirements)Symbol rate3.6-6.952Mbaud (64QAM)Composite video output interfaceVideo Output700±30mV (p-p)Video sync amplitude300±20mV (p-p)Video amplitude frequency characteristics±0.8 dB (≤4.8MHz);  ±1 dB(4.8-5MHz); +0.5/-4 dB (≥5.5MHz)Differential Gain≤8% p-pDifferential Phase≤8°p-pRF SNR (weighted weight)≥56dBNonlinear brightness±8%Chroma / luma gain difference±5%Chroma / luma delay difference≤50nsK factor≤4%Physical Interface2×RCATV systemPAL D/KComposite audio output interfaceAudio output level≥-8dBu (1kHz + 4dBu (-20dBFs) input)Audio distortion≤1Audio amplitude-frequency characteristics+1/-2 (60Hz-18kHz); +1/-3 (60Hz-20kHz)Audio signal to noise ratio (non-weighted)≥70dBLeft and right audio channel crosstalk≤-70dBAudio left and right channel phase difference≤5°Left and right audio channel level difference≤0.5dBVolume adjustment32 middleweightPhysical Interface2×RCA (L, R); 1×RCA (Mono)Smart card slotSTB205 meets the standard ISO7816 (T = 0 and T = 14) of the smart card interface, mainly used to support CA conditional access control system.Platform ResourcesCPU Processor320MHzFLASH MEMORY8MBDDRAM32MBSignal decoding requirementsChannel codingRS codingRS ( 204,188 )Convolution interleaving depthI = 12Square root raised cosine filter roll-off factor0.15Video DecoderFully compatible with DVB, MPEG 2 support at least 4: 2: 0 main stage main layer MP @ ML, supports 15Mbps maximum Audio decoderMPEG 1 Layer I and II, supports mono, two-channel stereo, joint stereoDemultiplexer16 hardware PID filters (at least)DescramblerUniversal support DVB descrambling algorithmResolution and Display ratio720x576, supports 4: 3 and 16: 9Display requirementsVideo Range1 / 4, 1 / 2, 1, 2 (at least)Multi-plane graphicsAt least 4 layersFront panel LED indicatorsAt least indicates three states, power / standby / download data CA front panel slot1Rear Panel RF signal input port1, IEC169-1 female headRear panel of the video signal outputA composite PAL-D / K signals: RCA, 75ΩRear panel audio signal output1 set, 600Ω unbalanced, low resistanceRear Panel Power inputAn AC or a DCAccessoryRemote Control1AV cable1, 1.2mpower cable1, 1.2mLearning remote control (with battery)1User's Manual1Environmentpower150-240VAC, 50 ± 2 Hz (DC-DC power supply reserve)power consumption

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