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Dwdm Mux

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Features●  Low insertion loss●  Low PDL ●  High channel isolation●  Excellent environmental reliabilityApplications●  WDM system●  CATV●  MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)DWDM Module can solve the shortage of fiber resources and transparent transmission of business, and reduce the cost of network Construction. With low-cost and compact dimension, it is mainly used inmetropolitan area network and access layer, also be used to build networks.SpecificationsParameters UnitSUN-DWDM ModuleWavelength Range           ITU channels 186.6 to196.1 THzChannel Center WavelengthnmITU channelsChannel Spacing  GHz100200Channel Passband (@-0.5dB)nm0.220.5Channel No.λ2481632Insertion LossdB≤ 1.4≤ 2.0≤ 2.8≤4.5≤ 5.5Adjacent Channel IsolationdB≥ 30Non-adjacent Channel IsolationdB≥ 45Wavelength thermal stability nm/℃≤ 0.003Insertion loss thermal stability dB/℃≤ 0.005≤ 0.007≤ 0.008PDLdB≤ 0.1≤ 0.15≤ 0.15≤ 0.20≤ 0.25Polarization mode dispersionps≤ 0.1≤ 0.15DirectivitydB≥ 50Return lossdB≥ 45Optical Power   mW≤ 500Operating Temperature℃-10 ~ +70Storage Temperature℃-40 ~ +85Relative Humidity%5 ~ 95Dimension   mmABS Box   or   LGX Box   or     1U(2U) RackmountNote: 1. Customization is available.      2. Specified without connector, and add an additional 0.2dB loss per connector.Dimension●  1081: 100×80×10.5 mm ●  1411: 140×115×18 mm●   1U●  LGX●  Optical path connection diagram●   Ordering Information:   DWDM-A-B-C-D-E-FABCDEFChannel No.Tube TypeFiber Length (Include connector)ConnectorDimensionChannel Number Detail8: 8 channels n: n channels25:250um 90:900um 20:2000um 30:3000um X: Others05:0.5m±0.05m 10:1.0m±0.05m 15:1.5m±0.05m X: OthersOO:None FP:FC/PC FA:FC/APC SP:SC/PC SA:SC/APC STP:ST/PC STA:ST/APC LP:LC/PC LA: LC/APC X: Others1081:100×80×10.5mm 1411:140×115×18mm 1U:1U LGX:156×102×29mm X: OthersCH21 / CH22 / CH23 / ...  Channel Number

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