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Dyed Polyester Sewing Thread For Curtain

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Product Description
Dyed Polyester Sewing Thread For Curtain, 10/1*3This thread has been produced using specially spun yarn with high strength, low elongation, and low shrink ability. We use advanced production techniques to provide you with thread of superior quality that can be easily sewed and used for a wide range of applications.◆ Feature:● High Resistance to Abrasion● Excellent Appearance● Chemical Resistance● Mini Skipped Stitches● Excellent Color Fastness● High Productivity ● Excellent Color Range● Suitable for High Speed Sewing◆ Classify & Usage:No.SpecificationRegular LengthMain Usages120S/2             3000Y,3500Y,5000YJeans,shoes,caps,leather products. children’s garments,tent,etc220S/3            3000Y, 3500Y, 5000YAutomobile cushion, bag, leather shoes, jack, Jeans, shoes, handbags, leather products, etc320S/43000Y ,3500Y, 5000YJeans, shoes, handbags,leather products, etc420S/63000Y, 3500Y, 5000YClosing bags, curtain520S/93000Y, 3500Y, 5000Y630S/23000Y, 3500Y, 5000YJeans,shoes,handbags,Common fabric,knitting fabric,bed sheet,leather products, etc730S/33000Y, 3500Y, 5000Ychildren’s garments,tent,Tents jeans,leather products,shoes,etc840S/2            100Y,3000Y,5000YCommon fabric, knitting fabric,bed sheet, sport wear, Suits,trousers,coats,Sewing of button-hole and button-sew,etc940S/33000Y, 3500Y, 5000YHeavy garments,tabernacle,sheepskin gloves, toy,etc1050S/23000Y, 3500Y, 5000YT-shirt,thin fabric,silk, knitted  garments, blouses,suit-dress, etc1150S/33000Y, 3500Y, 5000YJeans,shoes, handbags,leather products,etc1260S/23000Y, 3500Y, 5000YKnitted garments, suit-dress,over lock thread, used in making thing fabric,hand chief,etc1360S/33000Y, 3500Y, 5000YCommon fabric, knitting fabric,bed sheet, sport wear,Knitted garments,fashionable dress, suit-dress,etc1480S/33000Y, 3500Y, 5000YNational garment,High quality shirt, etcStrength Testing Reportfixed length (mm): 500             Speed (mm/min): 1000                                                                               (40S/2 for reference)Breaking Tenacity (CN)Breaking elongation   (%)Breaking Strength (CN/tex)Breaking Time (s)1st1050.05014.73035.00004.412nd953.45014.54031.78004.363rd950.16014.77031.67004.434th1131.25015.75037.70004.72Min.950.16014.54031.67004.36Max1131.25015.75037.70004.72AVG1021.22014.94034.03004.48Irregularity Rate006.79002.60006.78002.67CV (%)008.49003.61                          008.46003.57

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