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Dynamically Tuned Gyro For Oil And Gas

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DTG-E1 Gyroscope for downhole surveyDTG-E1 is with small size and strong shock resistance. It can be used for the system which with small size space,Website:http://www.ericcointernational.com, was widely used in borehole gyro survey tools and well logging tools.  It is designed for dynamical orientation and positioning in the drilling field.Specifications:NoParameterPerformance 1Random Drift (1σ)≤0.5°/h2Drift unrelated with acceleration≤100°/h3Quadrature acceleration drift rate≤15°/h/g4Axial mass unbalance drift rate≤15°/h/g5Drift caused by axial acceleration  ≤10°/h/g6The motor powerexclusive use electrical power supply7Annunciator power3.5V 8KHz Single phase sine wavepower consumption≤1W8Torque scale factor≤3mA/(°/s)9Linearity≤0.2%(F.S)10Measuring range±270°/s11Cross coupling error≤0.2Convergence time of open loop oscillation1.5s~2.5s13Operating temperature-55℃~+85℃14Vibration power spectral density0.16g2/Hz15Shock200g16DimensionΦ21.8×18 mmFlange:22×22 mm17Weight≤45g  DTG-E2 Gyroscope for dynamic well logging DTG-E2 is specially designed for borehole drilling field which has overcame the following technical difficulties, especially its operating temperature up to 100 degree centigrade. Inertial devices are more adaptable and better applied in the drilling field than they are in aviation field due to its ability of working in poor conditions. The life of DTG and its adaptation in temperature are specified, especially when it was used in higher temperature.Specifications:N0.ItemSpecification1PerformanceParameter Random Drift (1σ)0.3°/h Drift Stability (1σ)≤0.2°/h g-independent≤20°/h g-dependent≤3°/h Frequency Response≥60 Hz2 Technological parameter Power Supply(Three Phase)400 Hz12 V Power Supply(Single Phase)16 KHz7 V Synchronous Speed12,000 Power for Start Up4 W Operating Current≤0.18 A Synchronizing Time≤10 S Output Gradient14 mv/’ Master torquer7Ω Vice control torquer2Ω3 Torquer scale factor Master torquer≥500 °/h/mA Vice control torquer≥10 °/h/mA4 Max.Tracking Speed≥200 °/s5 Output Nonlinearity≤0.1%6 Life Time≥50007 Operating Temperature-10~+100℃8 Shock Overload(8ms)≥50 g9 Physical Parameter DimensionΦ29×50 mm Mounting flanges30×30 mm Weight≤130 gDTG-E2 Install DimensionDTG-E6 Dynamical Tuned Gyro SensorDTG-E6 with features of light weight, small volume, short start time, which can be used in high temperature working environments . It has been applied in different system like short range missile strapdown system, oil drilling inclinometer control system and so on. Meanwhile it also can be used for all kinds of strapdown attitude system and Inertial measuring instruments which has high requirements of temperature circumstance.Specifications:N0.Item Specification1 Performance parameter Random Drift (1σ) ≤0.1°/h Drift Stability (1σ) ≤0.3°/h G-independent ≤15°/h G-dependent ≤8°/h/g Frequency Response ≥70Hz2 Technological parameter Power Supply(Three Phase) 205 Hz 10V Power Supply(Single Phase) 8 KHz 7 V Synchronous Speed 6,015 Synchronizing Time ≤10 S Output Gradient 7~10 mv/’ Master torquer 19±3 Ω Vice control torquer 2±0.5 Ω3 Torquer scale factor Master torquer ≥680 °/h/mA Vice control torquer ≥10 °/h/mA4 Max.Tracking Speed ≥100 °/s5 Output Nonlinearity ≤0.5%6 Life Time ≥50007 Operating Temperature -20~+120℃8 Shock Overload(8ms) ≥60 g9 Physical Parameter Dimension Φ35.4×78 mm Mounting flanges 38×38mm Weight ≤380 gInstall dimension:%

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