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Easy To Ues,low-noise,vibrator Feeder/electro-vibrating Feeder/feeder Machine China, Manufacturers,

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GZG Series auto-synchronous vibrating feeder has extensive applications in many fields such as mining, metallurgy, coal, building material and machinery. It is used to continuously and uniformly or quantitatively feed massive, graininess or powdery materials from hopper or funnel to receiving devices, for example, feeding materials to belt conveyer, bucket elevator and sizer, crusher and grinding. GZG Series auto-synchronous vibrating feeder excited by vibrating motor is a new type feeder. It has the following merits comparing with the other feeding devices: 1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance without rotational parts, no need of lubricant among the different parts, lower operation costs. 2. Based on the theory of sympathetic vibration in mechanism vibration, binary plastid works nearly in the state of critical sympathetic vibration, thus GZG Series feeder costs less power during operation. 3 Since the feeding material volume can be changed, started or stopped instantaneously, the quantity of the feeding materials can be controlled accurately. 4 The control device of GZG Series feeder adopts silicon-controlled half-wave Rectification circuit, so the feeding quantity can be steplessly changed during the use through the method of adjusting the silicon-controlled open angle. 5. Since the materials in the feeder slot is thrown continually and hop forward in a way of parabolic curve during the feeding, the feeding slot has little wearing. 6. This GZG Series auto-synchronous vibrating feeder shall not be used in the explosion-proof occasions. model Productivity t/h trough size width ×length× height mm operation mode fineness mm vibration motor weight Kg voltage V frequency Hz model power KW vibration frequency times/min GZG30-4 15 300×1000×160 continuous 120 380 50 YZD2.5-4 0.18×2 1450 110 GZG40-4 30 400×1200×160 YZD5-4 0.25×2 155 GZG50-4 50 500×1200×160 YZD8-4 0.4×2 190 GZG60-4 80 600×1800×180 180 YZD16-4 0.75×2 410 GZG70-4 100 700×1800×200 180 YZD20-4 1.1×2 440 GZG80-4 200 800×2000×225 200 YZD32-4 1.5×2 640 GZG90-4 300 900×1500×300 250 YZD50-4 2.2×2 730 GZG110-4 400 1100×1500×300 900 GZG130-4 500 1300×1500×400 350 1000 GZG70-6 80 700×1800×200 150 YZD20-6 1.5×2 960 440 GZG80-6 160 800×2000×225 180 YZD30-6 2.2×2 670 GZG90-6 240 900×1500×300 240 YZD40-6 3.0×2 740 GZG110-6 320 1100×1500×300 YZD50-6 3.7×2 940 GZG130-6 400 1300×1500×400 320 1040 GZG150-6 500 1500×1800×500 2000 GZG180-6 800 1800×1800×500 YZD75-6 5.5×2 2590 ZG200-6 1000 2000×2000×500 360 3700 Xinxiang Huixin Mining Equipment Co., Ltd Address: Industry Park, Renmin West Rd, Xinxiang, Henan, China Tel:+86-0373-2689129 Fax:+86-0373-2689129 Website:www.huixin-conveyors.com Contact Now

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