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Ecixtation Generator 5kw Radial Flow Turbine Small Water Turbine

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Ecixtation Generator 5Kw Radial Flow Turbine Small Water Turbine


1. Definition of Radial Flow Turbine

Radial flow water turbine generator is composed of hydraulic turbine and generator using coupling.

Hydraulic turbine is mainly composed of volute, impeller, main shaft, seal and suspension et al.

As high pressure fluid is guided through inlet pipe into turbine volute, the fluid would force the

impeller to rotate. Electricity is generated when the rotor rotates with respect to the stator.

There are two types of generator, namely permanent magnetic generator and induction generator.

The rotor of permanent generator is composed of permanent magnetic material.

Ferrite and Ru Tie boron are two types of materials usually used. 

The price of Ru Tie boron generator is much expensive than Ferrite generator.

However, its efficiency is higher and life span is longer. The induction generator includes brush type induction generator and brushless type induction generator.

The brush of brush type generator needs to be replaced periodically. An induction system is

installed in induction generator; no exoteric trigger device is required.

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