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Ed Ferrite Core

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Product Description
Part Number:Magntic ferrite transformer coreApplication information :ED series ferrite core used for transformer of TV,radio, audio, light and other electrical components.Delivery time:2-3 weeks for 100000PCSPayment Type:T/T;WESTERN UNION;PAYPAL;L/C;Raw Material:Manganese Zinc powderSamples:5-10pcs free samples for freight collectDescription:MnZn ED soft ferrite core with power material for production, that can work at high frequency, high current and highh voltage condition, also get loss factor when frequency increased. The usage is similar with EE,EC EI,EFD ferrite core,to change the current.Size:ED2510,ED2609,ED2821,ED2929,ED2919,ED3009,ED3208,ED3614, ED3814,ED4019,ED4014,ED4214,ED4314;

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