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Efd Ferrite Core

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Product Description
Product Name:EFD transformer magnetic soft ferrite core with different sizeFeature application:The application field of EFD core is widely including flyback transformers, furnace transformer core,ferrite coil former core, etc, working temperature -25C°-150C°,working valtage >1000V.Common material:MnZn Material with ui2300, ui2400,ui3000,ui3300.Density:4.8Power Loss:F=100KHZ,B=200Mt.Saturation Flux Density25C°,500; 100C°,400;Size:EFD1113,EFD1515,EFD1614,EFD2020,EFD2027,EFD2525,EFD2532, EFD3030,EFD3130,EFD3135,EFD3444,EFD3634,EFD3835,EFD4549, EFD4649;

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