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Electric Bonded Ndfeb Magnet

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Product Description
Electric Bonded NdFeB magnets are manufactured by binding rapid-quenching NdFeB powder. The powder is mixed with resin to form a magnet by compression molding with epoxy or infection molding with nylon. The latter technique is particular effective in large volume production, though the magnetic value of products is lower than those made with compression molding because of their relatively lower density. Various shapes of high dimensional accuracy can be produced without further processing. Surface is treated by epoxy coating or nickel-plating to prevent corrosion.The basic information of Boned NdFeB Magnet are as followsSize:Produce by CustomizedGrade:BNP-2,BNP-4,BNP-9,BNP-7,BNP-7H,BNP-8,BNP-8H and so on.Coating:cathode electrophoresis coating,Parylene coating and epoxide resin coatingShape:Ring, Cylinder,Block,Segment,Or customizedTemperature:The max operation temp is up to 150 degree centigradeDelivery time::20-25dysPackage:33X23X26 CM Standard export Package

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