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Electric Engraving Pen

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ELECTRIC ENGRAVING PEN Product IntroductionElectric Engraving Pen is a kind of electric driven marking machine. It has a small size, light weight, mark easily, high speed, convenient to carry and easy to use. Marking is permanent.The product is widely used for the marking on materials such as metal, ceramic, glass and marble and others. Product design is small, very exquisite in construction and easy to use. This product is well received widely in the industry since launched.Manufacturers and distributors used the electric pen to mark on their own products, eliminating unnecessary loss and disputes due to return of defective goods, remove the trouble back at home.Working PrincipleThis product generate forced vibration through the principle of alternating current frequency, drive straight rod at the top of the high-hardness alloy marking head of engraving pen, resulting in the marking process.Operating InstructionHold the product with the right hand like holding a pen, make written tilt, press switch button to make mark head vibrate and move lightly on the object during the marking process. The speed and depth is adjustable according to different materials.

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