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Electric Heating Board

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Common Electric Heating Board:  Electrothermal board product features:  1. The shell adopts the high quality cold-rolled steel plate stretching production, surface coating processing.  2. Use digital display/electronic temperature heating, with heating area is big, warming faster, the temperature is even contented use the effect is good.  3. The heating material using (5 mm) super thick stainless steel plate, to avoid the general stainless steel electrothermal board to the high temperature of the deformation of the board face phenomenon.  Technical Parameters:      Model2.4KW-BGG-2.43.6KW-BGG-3.6Power2.4KW3.6KWVoltage220V220VDimension450*300MM600*350MMMax.Temp300度300℃Stainless Steel Electric Heating Board  Laboratory Stainless Steel Electric Heating Board  It is widely used in the baking of the sample, dry, and for other temperature test is an essential tool of biology, genetics, medicine and health, environmental, chemical and biological laboratory analysis room, education, scientific research, its main features: heatedusing a special molding process production, high temperature warpage, the face of high quality stainless, superior corrosion resistance, the surface rises more quickly and evenly, safe and reliable use.  DB-1A Laboratory Stainless Steel Electric Heating Board  Functions and Features:  1.Heater built in with the board plate, more thermally efficient and long life-span  2.Temperature is controlled by micro-CPU,constant and accurate  3.Timed heating from 1 to 999 minutes,visual display and easy operation  4.Equipped with heating board cover,safety and heat retaining  5.With standby function,inspect and judge malfunction automatically      ModelWork areaHeating powerControlPowerDB-I250×150800WDigital220V50HzDB-II300×2001200W220V50HzDB-III350×2101500W220V50HzDB-IV400×3002000W220V50HzTechnical Parameters: Graphite heating board  Panel made of acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant high purity graphite materials, designed for customized laboratory. A variety of series, various model for the user choice, can also according to customer special requirement. The use of special process, overcome the common electrothermal board for long time continuous work and easy to damage the drawbacks.  Technical Parameters:ModelNK-D350-ANK-D350-BNK-D350-CNK-D350-DTem.range(℃ )RT-350precision(℃ )±1℃±1℃±0.5℃±0.5℃control typePID DigitalVoltage(v)220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50HzPower (W)3000300030004000Dimension300×400×240400×400×240500×400×240600×400×240Weight(Kg)15182225      ModelNK-D450-ANK-D450-BNK-D450-CNK-D450-DTem.range(℃ )RT-450precision(℃ )±1℃±1℃±0.5℃±0.5℃control typePID DigitalVoltage(v)220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50HzPower (W)4000400040004000Dimension400×300×240450×300×240500×350×240500×400×240Weight(Kg)15182225ModelNK-D550-ANK-D550-BNK-D550-CNK-D550-DTem.range(℃ )RT-550precision(℃ )±1℃±1℃±0.5℃±0.5℃control typePID DigitalVoltage(v)220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50Hz220V±10%,50HzPower (W)5000500050005000Dimension400×300×240450×300×240500×350×240500×400×240Weight(Kg)15182225

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