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Electro-slag Furnace

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Smelting categories: Electroslag smeltingProduction: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:The equipment and structure of electroslag furnace:一.The type of electroslag furnace:1.Classified by the power supply way: dc electroslag furnace and ac electroslag furnace. Dc electroslag furnace has more complex power supply equipment and the effect of smelting is worse than as electroslag furnace, so it is less used and general industrial is using the ac power supply, which can be divided into single phase electroslag furnace and multiphase electroslag furnace.(1)single phase electroslag furnace:a.Single-phase unipolar electroslag furnace: Remelt one electrode in a crystallizer.b.Series single-phase bipolar electroslag furnace: Melt two consumable electrodes at the same time in a crystallizer.c.Single-phase multipolar electroslag furnace: it is a large electroslag furnace, mainly used for remelting big round ingot and flat ingot.(2)Three-phase electroslag furnace:a.Three consumable electrodes are placed in three crystallizers to smelt three ingots at the same time.b.Three electrodes are placed in one crystallizer to smelt one ingot.c.Three-phase multipole electroslag furnace: many consumable electrodes2.Classified by the consumable electrode feed way: In the process of smelting, single arm type of electroslag furnace is using only a electrode, and double cross arm electroslag furnace with alternate consumable electrode(or double column type) and electroslag furnace with fork electrode arm.3.Classified by whether crystallizer and spindle are moved: (1)Fixed crystallizer, without stripping type of electroslag furnace(2)Crystallizer elevating type of electroslag furnace(3)Fixed crystallizer, with stripping type of electroslag furnace(4)Electroslag furnace with crystallizer and electrode are moving up4.The choice of the form of electroslag furnace is mainly determined by the technological requirements of steel ingot and casting parts about the size, weight, shape, consumable electrode supply conditions, and the production condition such as the quality of the products.二.The equipment of electroslag furnace: It is mainly made up by the column and beam, lifting mechanism, electrode holder, crystallizer, bottom water tank, pump spindle device, melting furnace and exhaust dust removal system, etc三.The electric equipment of electroslag furnace:Electroslag furnace electrical equipment is divided into the power supply equipment, network wiring and electric drive automatic control device.

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