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Electrocardiogram Machine Battery

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Ameec Shenzhen Technology Co.,Ltd, with professional electrocardiogram machine battery factory, is a best China electrocardiogram machine battery, battery bank manufacturers and suppliers. We are always at your service. ‍‍Electrocardiogram machine battery‍‍Type:                                                                           Pack          Chemistry:                                                                  Li-ion     Nominal Voltage (V):                                                 14.8v  Capacity (mAh):                                                         8000   Max Continuous Discharge Current:                       8A   Max  Discharge Current:                                           8A  Battery Charging Current:                                        2AWeight:                                                                       4.5kg              Dimensions:                                                               30*15*15                                                                                    Avg. Temperature Ranges for    Charging:                                                                  

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