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Electrolytic Galvanized Steel

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Product Description
Size:0.55*1200mmType is sheet or steel coilPPGL can be produced.Free sample is ok.Delivery time is 30 days as normal.physical propertychemical property1.Hardness:HB210, HB230, HB2352.Brightness: bright finish3.yield strength:280MPA4.adhesion:15.flexibility:180%6.durability:  general, higher level, advanced7.types of paints: acrylic polyurethane coating and fluorocarbon8.neutral salt spray test:9.corrosion grade; general, higher level, advanced10.component content:C-0.041, SI-0.018, MN-0.187, P-0.011, S-0.006production process:Uncoiler NO.1, uncoiler NO.2- welder- entry looper- pre-treatment- annealing furnace- zinc pot- cooling tower- water quench tank- skin pass- tension leveler- passivation coater- exit looper- recoilerGalvanized steel sheet of Chemical CompositionGRADECSiMnPSTiSGCC/DX51D+Z≤0.10≤0.50≤0.60≤0.10≤0.030≤0.020DX52D+Z≤0.10≤0.50≤0.60≤0.10≤0.030≤0.020SGCD/DX53D+Z≤0.10≤0.30≤0.50≤0.05≤0.030≤0.020SGCE/DX54D+Z≤0.10≤0.30≤0.30≤0.03≤0.020≤0.020DX56D+Z≤0.10≤0.30≤0.30≤0.03≤0.020≤0.020Structural≤0.20≤0.60≤1.70≤0.10≤0.045≤0.020

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