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Electronic Intelligent Auto Lid Waste Bin Battie 2.1g

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Electronic intelligent auto lid waste bin battie 2.1GIntroducing the new wave of waste disposal!100% touchless, hands-free, electronic waste bin are the newest, easiest, and most sanitary method of waste disposal. Our intelligent waste bin minimize the cross-contamination that is associated with the use of a push door and/or step-on trash can.Simply put your garbage or hand roughly 6" in front of the garbage can and the patented infrared sensor will lift the lid for effortless, sanitary disposal of your waste. Once you remove your waste and/or hand the auto lid waste bin will close automatically within 3-seconds. This helps minimize odors that emit from waste inside the trash can while also promoting a healthy, sanitary environment for not only you but everyone else around you!Note: On the front of the trash can are two buttons that you can use if you would rather open and close the garbage can manually. On the back of the unit is an on/off switch to completely turn the unit off.How durable is this electronic intelligent auto lid wate bin?With it's beautiful stainless steel look, and it's heavy-duty ABS plastic lid construction this can is made to take the abuse while also providing an elegant look to match any decor! Four "AA" sized batteries will provide six months(20 opens a day) to a year of use depending on how much you use the trash can. Put it in the kitchen and watch your kids actually want to throw their trash away! Kids love it, Mom's love it, Dad's love it and so does everyone that has ever used one!These electronic intelligent auto lid waste bin are also suitable for commercial use with their stainless steel construction. They meet the need and demands of commercial, everyday use in doctor offices, laboratories, bathrooms, shopping malls, warehouses, meeting rooms, schools, restaurants, airports, theaters, hospitals, etc. No more pushing doors or stepping on a pedal to open the trash can! Nothing to touch, nothing to push, nothing to break! This literally could be the last trash can you ever buy!Product Details:· Capacity: 6 liters (1.6 gallons)· Dimensions: 246x348mm· Weight: 1.7kgs· Material: Stainless steel· Finish: Bronzed stainless steelFeatures:· Built-in Infrared AI Smart-Chip Sensor· 100% hands-free operation· Removable top cover for easy cleaning· Comes with inner barrel· Uses 4 AA-sized batteries (not included)· Low energy-consuming· Battery Life: Approx. 6 months (20 opens/closes per day) to a year depending on use

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