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Electronics Circuit Assembly & Pcb Assembly

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Electronics Circuit Board AssemblyMOKO Capabilities & Equipment Include:                      Three Automated Electronic Assembly LinesSurface Mount & Through-Hole ProcessingLead & Lead-Free Processing4-Head and 2-Head Pick & Place MachinesMounting Speeds to 10,500 cphHigh Density, Low to High Volume CapabilityRigid, Flex, Rigid-FlexProcesses Components down to 01005Fine Pitch Down to 0.3mm (BGA. QFN, QFP)8-Zone & 5-Zone Reflow OvensSelective Soldering SystemAutomatic Optical & X-Ray Inspection SystemsEnvironmentally Safe Board Cleaning with De-ionized WaterHaving MOKO as your electronics assembly partner means boards built by a company that since its founding in 2000 has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity in product development and printed circuit board assembly. Now owning and occupying a 15,000 sq. ft. facility in China, PA, MOKO is staffed by 7 engineers and a team of circuit board assembly and quality personnel. Latest-generation machines give us the speed, accuracy and flexibility to process virtually any printed circuit assembly project. We run three automated lines that include both a semi and fully automatic printer with paste inspection, three pick and place machines (4-head and 2-head) with placement speeds to 10,500 cph and the ability to mount components down to 0.3mm/0.012" lead pitch. Also included are 8-zone and 5-zone reflow ovens, a selective soldering system, automatic optical inspection as well as X-ray. In addition, we provide environmentally safe board cleaning with de-ionized water recycling and Rose testing

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