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Electroplated Diamond Bit

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Product Description
Electroplated diamond bit   Electroplated diamond bit is a kind of technology that affixes sanding apparatus on the drill body through the electroplatingtechnology.Electroplated diamond bit can be generally divided into three types: low grade, regular grade and high grade. Most of electroplated diamond bits are widely used on hard-rock drilling.Based on different hardness of rock stratum, matrix harness of electroplated diamond bit is classified as: low grade 5-15HRC, 10-15HRC, regular grade 15-20HRC, 20-25HRC, 25-30HRC, high grade 30-35HRC, 35-40HRC, all these different grade could be properly fitted for different hardness stratum.  General sizes of electroplated diamond bit are: Φ56, 59, 75, 91, 110, 130, 150, 171, 200, 220, 225Customized electroplated diamond bits are also available for our company in accordance with customer’s requirements.

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