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Emission Mobile Portable Spectrometer

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High Quality Handheld Xrf Spectrometer Portable Glod Xrf Spectrometerthe breakthrough solution of element analysis in nowadays material reliability test!Particular Advantages of  Portable Spectrometer Analyzer Features: 1. Easy to use even for non-technician, colorful display interface2. Solid and sealed external structure designed for complex industry environment3. Show non-destructive test result instantly4. Only serval seconds from starting to result display5.Advanced reliable test result in industry science and technologyPortable Spectrometer Analyzer Features: 1.Fast detection and simple operation: show the data within serval seconds from testing point to trigger pulling;2.Solid and sealed external structure: the outside applies solid dustproof and waterproof Mg-Al alloy material, which can be used anywhere;3. Keep the completeness and indestructibility of the sample in the test;4. Unique light element revision function: it can still do accurate analysis for heavy metal (Ni, Ti, and Cu etc) under the circumstance of light elements (Al, P, S etc.) existing in sample without helium or vacuum purge;5.High performance X-ray probe satisfies special application in material reliability test.

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