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Encapsulated Transformer

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components encapsulated transformer and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading encapsulated transformer manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics squared transformer, vacuum filled transformer, pcb power transformer, low-frequency transformer, potted transformer from our factory. ‍ ‍Features: Encapsulated Power Transformer with High Dielectric Strength, Available in Various VoltagesFrequency 50/60HZ, Supply voltage 115V-230V  by series / parallel connectionPotted under vacuumDielectric strength 4000VrmsMeet UL94V-0 flammability standards Ambient temperature (ta): 70°C Temperature class: Class B (130°C) Heat-resistance 130℃ Low profile encapsulated power transformer Vacuum epoxy resin molded encapsulated power transformer PCB mounted encapsulated power transformer Water-resistant power transformer Different voltages are available Power range From 0.35W to 40W High dielectric strength, less heating‍ Well overloaded capacity  High density installation with good shielding quality Inherently energy limited Resin: class B IEC 85 (20,000 hours testing to IEC 216) Standards: EN61558 and EN60950 Compliant with CE standards Encapsulated toroidal power transformer Encapsulated pulse power transformer Encapsulated signal isolated transformer Encapsulated power transformer EE20x4, EE20X6 and EE20X10 Encapsulated power transformer EI30X5, EI30X10.5, EI30X12.5, EI30X15.5 and EI30X18 Encapsulated power transformer EI30X23, EI38X14, EI42X14,EI42X20,EI48X16, EI48X20, EI54X18 and EI60X30 Encapsulated power transformer UI30,UI39,UI48 Custom design available Common Applications:  Medical equipments, Industrial equipments/controls, Test equipment , Industrial computers,  Telecom , Wave carrier filter, Power transformer and Aux power transformer , Alarm application Fullstar Type series■0.35W-0.45W FE2006■0.5W-0.6W FE2010■0.5W-0.6W FE3005■1.2W-1.5W FE3010■1.5W-1.8W FE3012■2W-2.4W FE3015■2.4W-2.8W FE3018■2.8W-3.2W FE3023■3.5W-4.0W FE3814■5W FE4212■8W-10W FE4816■10W-12W FE4820■13W-16W FE5420■22W FE6021■5W-6W FU3010■4W FU3005■3W FU3005■10W FU3016■14W FU3910■40W FU481   Package:  In Bulk and Carton ‍

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