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Enclosed Circulated Spray Dryer

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BPG Series Enclosed Circulatory Spray DryerPrinciple:Enclosed circulatory spray drying system is operated under a closed environment with inert gases (eg, nitrogen) as drying medium. This equipment is suitable for drying oxidizable, inflammable and explosive materials, such as suspensions made with hydrocarbon solvent (eg.: ethanol, methanol, acetone, n-hexane, butanol, DMF(dimethyl formamide, toluene, etc.). No oxygen is involved in the process, and the inert gas is recyclable. This equipment can be used to produce ball-shaped products, especially suitable for processing tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, nanophase ceramics, and medical intermediates.This system employs inert gas as circulatory gas, which protect the dried products. Atomized raw material droplets are dried by heated nitrogen in the drying tower. Dried powder is discharged from the bottom of the drying tower. Evaporated organic solvent vapor will be dedusted after passing through the cyclone separator and the spray tower. Saturated organic solvent vapor will be liquefied and be discharged by condenser, and the remains will be recycled in the system as the moisture carrier. The drying medium in the drying system is inert gas. The inner nitrogen content is maintained in a certain amount. If the inner pressure is lower than the outer, the pressure transmitter will automatically adjust the inlet gas amount to maintain the balance.Features:1、Avoid oxidation, and improve product quality.2、Easy to implement dust-free and sterile operation. 3、Solvent in the feed solution is recyclable. 4、The preservation rate of the aromatic ingredients could be increased . 5、The drying and cooling granulation of combustible materials can be implemented.6、Highly heat-sensitive materials can be processed.7、Low pollution, or even no pollution at all. 8、Deodorization device can be removed.9、Cryodrying within 100 ℃ is implementable.   Applicable Products:●Non-oxide materials, such as ceramic (AeN, Si3N4, etc.), cemented carbide, high-performance battery materials, etc. ●Seasoning and health care products. ●Pharmaceuticals, vitamins and organic medicines. ●Synthetic resin and paraffin.

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