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Engineered Stone Countertop

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As one of the leading China engineered stone countertop manufacturers and suppliers, Bitto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd is waiting for you to wholesale customized engineered stone countertop from our factory.Engineered stone countertop                                Looking For Quartz Stone and Solid Surface Distributors!Various colors for chosen, and can be customized for you!Here are some hot colors: Introduction of engineered stone countertop:Ingredients of engineered stone countertop: 93% quartz crystals+6% PMMA resin (the main material of making artificial teeth) +1% pigments & granule & auxiliary material.Bitto engineered stone countertop is one of the toughest surface materials available, quartz will deliver decades of durable service while maintaining its beauty. It is excellent options for color, pattern, texture and finish. It is no-radiation, not like nature stone has radiation, and it won’t chip as easily as granite, marble, tile or concrete.Performance Properties of Bitto Product:PropertyResultCompressive StrengthDry condition 247.1 mpaWet condition 255.2 mpaWater Absorption0.01%Apparent Density2380 kg/m3Abrasion Resistance20.6 mmFlexural Strenght52mpaMohs ’Hardness7Standard Size of raw material: Length: 2400mm, 3050mm.Width: 750mm, 1500mm.Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm.Customized Size could be accepted.Advantages of Bitto engineered stone countertop:Extremely durable, High hardness, Scratch resistanceHigh tenacity, strong crack resistance, and it won’t chip as easily as granite, marble, tile or concreteNo-radiation (not like nature stone has radiation), Non-toxic, Anti-microbial, green eco-friendly building material.Excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, strong weather resistant, could be used outdoor.High density, Anti-infiltration. Non-porous, so resistant to staining and bacteria.Easy to clean with a damp cloth.Seams between slabs are less visible than between slabs of concrete or natural stoneExcellent options for color, pattern, texture. High gloss, Color long-lasting, Strong UV-resistance.Quality certificate, Products have passed ISO9001, NSF and SGS certificates. BITTO is also certified as the Golden Supplier of Alibaba and the star manufacturer of GMC. 15-year warranty.Company Information:BITTO is a professional and experienced enterprise group which specialized in producing solid surface and quartz stone, founded in 2001. BITTO product is the most popular brand and the biggest good quality solid surface and quartz stone supplier in China, sold to more than forty- five countries all over the world. BITTO enterprise group owns three production bases: (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.; Hubei BITTO Building Material Technology Co.,Ltd.; Victory Industry Co.,Ltd., BITTO Industry Long-term clients: such as IKEA, McDonald, The Home Depot, LG, B&Q,HairExhibitions and cooperative projects:Certificate:NSF, SGS, ISO

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