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Enhancement Type Graphene

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ENHANCEMENT TYPE GRAPHENE1、TYPE: SE14302、CHARACTERISTICS(1)Small quantity addition can greatly improve the mechanical properties of the composite. For example,Website:http://www.c6th.com, 0.02% volume addition can have 100% increase of shock strength and 50% increase of bending elongation of an unsaturated polyester resin.(2)To be easily processed and good composite flowilbility after graphene addition.(3)To be easily dispersed and ground.3、APPLICATIONS:Use for reinforcement of polymer composites, such as plastic, resin, rubber, glass fiber and carbon fiber composites.4、SPICIFICATIONS:TypeSpecificationsSpecific surface area(m2/g)H2O(wt%)Particle size(D50,μm)C(wt%)O(wt%)S(wt%)Metal ion   (ppm)SE1430180~250<4.0<1075 ± 516 ± 3<0.5<10005.HANDLING AND STORAGEWear appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves. Avoid inhalation; avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid formation of dust. Keep away from ignition sources, heat and flame. No smoking at working site. Mechanical exhaust system is required at workplace. Avoid contact with strong oxidizing agents; Make sure the packages are free of damage or leaks. Load and unload carefully to protect from impact or breakage.Store in tightly-closed containers in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, and stay away from ignition sources or heat. The shelf life of the product is 3 years if stored in original package intact.6、TRANSPORTAccording to the self-heating test results, when the substance is to be transported in packaging with volume not more than 3 m3, Hazard class: none, UN classification: none, packaging mark, none. When the substance is to be transported in packaging with volume more than 3 m3, Hazard class, 4.2, UN number 3088, packaging mark, self-heating substance, packing group: III. Shipping name: self-heating organic solid, not classified.Comment: The specifications of the product can be costom made as required.

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