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Epdm Waterproofing Membrane

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Product Description
Product Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of  Origin EPDM Waterproofing membrane Epdm 25038-36-2 (C9H12.C3H6.C2H4)x Shanghai, China 1、Description EPDM waterproofing membrane is made of EPDM rubber. It has the best performance among polymer waterproof materials. It also has a special performance that it will not separate and crack in regular building movement. EPDM has excellent performance on weather resistance, dimensional stability and durability which brings it a good performance on high and low temperatures, UV and corrosion resistance. Moreover, TOP BEST - EPDM Waterproofing Membrane has other properties like high tensile strength and breaking elongation, movement adaptation, ease of installation, strong alliances, non-pollution, strong puncture resistance and long service life of 50 years.Its Shelf life is 12 months if put in a cool and dry place with original package. 2、Application Area: EPDM Waterproofing Membrane is Applicable to waterproofing in roofing, basement, bathroom, industrial and civil buildings geosynthetic pads used in swimming pools, channels and irrigation systems. It is especially suitable for projects requiring high performance on durability, anti-corrosion and distortion prevention.  3、Product dimensions 1.2mmx1.2mx20m; 1.5mmx1.2mx20m; 2.0mmx1.2mx20m.

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