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Epoxy Powder Coating

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CharacteristicsPerfect adhesion for base materials;Strong anticorrosion ability;Fine surface leveling,luster and compactness;Strong suppleness,to pass through 4/5 flatting groove;High and low temperature resistant performance is good;Film boiling resistance is strong.Features  NOTesting ItemTesting MethodTechnical Target1Pinhole TestGB/T5135.20-2010No electrical sparkle2Adhesion GT/J120-2008    1-3 grade3Bending ResistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling or breaking at angle of 30°4Flat-crush ResistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No flaking or breaking for 4/5 coating5Impact ResistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No flaking or breaking6Vacuum ResistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No flake or damage7High Temperature ResistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling,uplifting,crack or damage8Low Temperature ReistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling or damage,adhesion 1-3 grade9Pressure CycleGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling or damage,adhesion 1-3 grade10Temperature CycleGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling or damage,adhesion 1-3 grade11Warm water ageing resistanceGB/T5135.20-2010No peeling or damage,adhesion 1-3 grade

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