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Eps Automatic Air Cooling Block Moulding Machine

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Product Description
EPS Automatic air cooling block moulding machine●our running modes: fully automatic,Website:http://www.hsepsmachine.com, semi-automatic, middle start-up and manual operation. ●The machine adopts opening and closing mould, locking mould of the hydraulic system with stable running.●Steam general valve uses steam ball valve with good airproof characteristics and long life.●Four safe fixing: safe and interlock switch, pause switch, urgent stopping switch, safe valve●Touch screen display, graphical interfaces, Chinese and English display, soft button etc●Refrigerating constrainedly, high cooling efficiency, low water convenient filling material, high effectiveness ●Feeding material automatically, convenient filing, high efficiency ●The main components such as CPU, touch screen are from the well-known company with stable quality ●Block conveying line and electronic weighing scale for machine is optional.    SubjectsUnitHS-FB-2000HS-FB-3000HS-FB-4000HS-FB-6000mould sizemm2030×1020×6203050×1020×6204060×1240×6406090×1240×640  product sizemm2000×1000×6003000×1000×6004000×1200×6006000×1200×600 SteamInlet sizemmΦ125Φ125Φ150Φ150ConsumptionKg/cycle20~3030~4045~5555~65pressureMpa0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8Compressed airInlet sizemmΦ65Φ65Φ80Φ80Consumptionm3/cycle1~1.51.5~1.82.0~2.22.2~2.5pressureMpa0.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8Material      fillingNumber of InjectorsPc481012Injector sizemm70707070Drain outletmmΦ125Φ125Φ150Φ150Main drain pipemmΦ150Φ120Φ200Φ200Blower motorKw447.57.5Blower outletmmΦ150Φ150Φ200Φ200Hydraulic motorKW5. powerKW9.59.51313Cycle time15g/lMin/cycle67910Overall dimension (L×W×H)mm4700×2260× 22005700×2260× 22006700×2480× 24508700×2480× 2450WeightT4.56.278.5

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