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Eps Box Machine

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We supply complete eps foam production line and turnkey project. We can upgrade the machines according to customers’ requirements. Our company floor area 18000 square meters,Website:http://www.epsmachinefactory.com, has four big modern workshops.Ⅰ.EPS shape production line mainly includes 3 parts:1. EPS pre-expander: it’s used to make EPS raw material to foamed beads2. EPS shape molding machine: it’s used to make foamed beads to kinds of shaped products like foam box, electric & electronic package, ICF, helmet, seed tray, decoration cornice and etc.3. Mould:it’s hang in the shape molding machine to make different products.Ⅱ.Features of eps box machinery 1.Control System :The machine is integrated with international advanced electronic original components with PLC Programmable Logic Controller (Japan Mitsubishi) and convenient touch screen displayer. With many self-protection and alarm system, it is easily operated to carry out automatic production from feeding, temperature control , ration, pressurizing, etc.2. Work Modes:It works in two modes: normal feeding and pressure feeding of material , and the tow modes can be switched as the structure & form of the mould. It is optional for full automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating method. 3.Steam System:The machine is with equilibrium valve to ensure the steam and temperature stable , and less steam consumption.4.Power System:The machine is driven by hydraulic pressure with a fast/slow differential system to ensure the precise time for mould opening and closing in an economized time and stable operation. 5. Vacuum System (optional):The machine is with excellent vacuum system to accelerate product shaping speed, shorter the cooling time & reduce product water content. 6.Other Advantage:The machine can automatic and efficient carry out heating , cooling , feeding  stripping process to adapt to different EPS products. Various of heating methods can be optionally used as per the product form so as to ensure the product quality. A vacuum and negative pressure system can ensure a low water content , rapid shaping , and shore drying period (or without drying) .Ⅲ.Technical Data of eps foam machineryItem/typeUnit PSZ-1200PSZ-1400PSZ-1600PSZ-1800PSZ-2000Dimension of standard moldmm1200×10001400×12001600×13501800×16002000×1800Dimension of finished productmm1050×850×3501220×1050×3501420×1200×3501610×1400×3501850×1650×350Max mold openingmm13001300130013001300Inlet of steammmф65ф65ф65ф65ф65Cooling water pressuremmф65ф65ф65ф65ф65Compressed air inletmmф80ф80ф80ф80ф80Steam pressureMPa0.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.7Air pressureMPa≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5Cooling water pressureMPa0.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.6Fluid drive pressureKw5. of vaccum pumpKw445.55.55.5Inspiratory capacity of vacuum pumpm3/h165165230230230Overall dimensionmm3600×17004600×20004600×22004600×24005000×2600×3000×3100×3200×3400×3600Weight kg43004800520062006500Application of EPS productEPS Shape Moulding Machine Operation Video

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