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Eps Frame

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Haining Royal Plastic is one of the leading fashion and decorative eps frame manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with high-quality eps frame building material, welcome to buy eps frame from our factory.EPS-Expanded Polystyrene Foam, which is obtained from the oil through the polymerization of styrene monomer, is a typically white colored thermoplastic material consisting of pores in shape of foam.In some special productions, it is also possible to see the products consisting of the particles, which are processed to reflect the long wave radiation, in color of grey/black tones.EPS products that are obtained through the combination of blown up and integrated polystyrene particles include the blower gas used to blowing up the particles thus obtain the foam; so this gas is called pentane.Once the pentane as an organic component has formed a lot of small pores inside the particles, it takes the place of air during and after the production phase, quickly. The exposed pentane gas is converted into existing CO2 and the steam H2O. Thus the stable air is locked into the cells of numerous (depending on the density, 3-6 billion in 1 m3 of EPS) small pores inside the material since the pentane has occurred. 98% of the material is consisting of stable air and the rest is the polystyrene.

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