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Eps Shape Molding Machine

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We supply complete eps foam production line and turnkey project. We can upgrade the machines according to customers’requirements. Our company floor area 18000 square meters,Website:http://www.epsmachinefactory.com, has four big modern workshops.Ⅰ.Features of eps shape molding machine1. Use PLC programmable controller and touch screen to finish the auto cycle process of opening-closing mold, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demolding and releasing. 2. According to different products wanted, choose different feeding methods such as common, pressure and vacuum to ensure feeding speed and informality. 3. Hydraulic system used in the machine can save 30% energy. Its operation and locking mold are used by the main and auxiliary cylinder respectively. 4. Use digital encoder to control the travel distance of operation and locking mold, ensure the informality of each feeding. 5. Balance valve of the machine, used in heating, ensure the same steam pressure and temperature during each mold. 6. Vacuum system, mainly including vacuum storage tank, vacuum cooling tank, and high water-cycle vacuum pump, ensure fast molding, uniform cementing and low moisture content. 7. For production technical memory and quantity statistic, operator can find and set the different foam parameter by themselves.Ⅱ.Technical Data of eps foam machineryItem/typeUnit PSZ-1200PSZ-1400PSZ-1600PSZ-1800PSZ-2000Dimension of standard moldmm1200×10001400×12001600×13501800×16002000×1800Dimension of finished productmm1050×850×3501220×1050×3501420×1200×3501610×1400×3501850×1650×350Max mold openingmm13001300130013001300Inlet of steammmф65ф65ф65ф65ф65Cooling water pressuremmф65ф65ф65ф65ф65Compressed air inletmmф80ф80ф80ф80ф80Steam pressureMPa0.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.70.5~0.7Air pressureMPa≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5≥0.5Cooling water pressureMPa0.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.60.5-0.6Fluid drive pressureKw5. of vaccum pumpKw445.55.55.5Inspiratory capacity of vacuum pumpm3/h165165230230230Overall dimensionmm3600×17004600×20004600×22004600×24005000×2600×3000×3100×3200×3400×3600Weight kg43004800520062006500The application of EPS productEPS Shape Moulding Machine Operation Video

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