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Characteristics1.2Model designation EPT20-15ET1.3Drive unit Battery1.4Operator type Walkie1.5Load capacityQ (kg)15001.6Load centerc (mm)6001.8Load distance (Raised/ Lowered)x (mm)883/9461.9Wheelbasey (mm)1250 Weights2.1Service weight (Incl. battery)kg2052.2Axle loading, laden operator/load sidekg56511402.3Axle loading, unladen operator/load sidekg25/180 Wheels, Chassis3.1Tyre type PU/ PU3.2Tyre size, operator side Ф210x703.3Tyre size, load side 2x Ф85x603.5Wheels, number operator/load side (x=drive wheels) 1x /43.7Tread, load sideb11 (mm)380 Dimensions4.4Lift heighth3 (mm)1154.9Height of tiller arm in operating position, min/ maxh14 (mm)820/11704.15Fork height, loweredh13 (mm)854.19Overall lengthl1 (mm)16004.20Length to face of forksl2 (mm)4504.21Overall widthb1/ b2 (mm)5604.22Fork dimensionss/ e/ l (mm)55/150/11504.25Fork spread, min/ maxb5 (mm)560/6854.32Ground clearance, center of wheelbasem2 (mm)354.33Aisle width, 1000×1200 pallet crosswaysAst   (mm)17794.34Aisle width, 800×1200 pallet lengthwaysAst   (mm)19294.35Outer turning radiusWa   (mm)1475 Performance5.1Travel speed, laden/ unladenkm/ h3.5/45.2Lifting speed, laden/ unladenm/ s0.051/ 0.0605.3Lowering speed, laden/ unladenm/ s0.052/ 0.0595.8Maximum gradeability, laden/ unladen S2 5 min.%2/65.10Service brake Electromagnetic Drive6.1Drive motor rating S2 60    min.kW0.656.2Lift motor rating at S3    15%kW0.846.4Battery voltage/ rated capacity (5h)V/ Ah24/606.5Battery weightkg45 Battery compartment dimensions l/ w/ hmm260/168/218 Battery type Maintenance free battery Others8.1Type of drive control DC Manufacturer CURTIS8.4Sound level at operator's eardB (A)74

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