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Erw Tube Making Machine

PRICE: 61500 USD
Product Description

HG219 High-Frequency Welded Pipe Production Line is designed to produce welded pipes of Ф114-219mm in diameter and 3.0-8.0mm in wall thickness as well as square and rectangular pipes and deformed pipes of the corresponding size.This production line’s each unit equipment, full use of the domestic and foreign similar equipment, innovative design, advanced technology, convenient operation and maintenance, and reached the international leading level.
1. The production process:
Raw material (strip) →feeding→Cutting and Welding →Horizontal Spiral Accumulator → Forming, HF welding, Deburring, Cooling, Sizing, Straightening →STD Cold-cutting saw →Transmitting → Packing → Storage         
2. Adapt materials:
 Hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip   
 Material: Low carbon steel and low alloy constructional steel   
δs≤345Mpa  δb≤610Mpa
3. Processing steel pipe size range:
(1) Processing range: Round pipe Φ114-Φ219mm.  
     Square&Rectangular pipe  80x80—150x150                
(2) Thickness of Round pipe: 3.0-8.0mm   
     Thickness of Square&Rectangular pipe: 3.0-8.0mm
4. Installed capacity: 1000KVA
5. Water consumption: 60m3/h
6. Solid-state high-frequency Welder: 600KW
7. Workshop Request: length, width and height  100-160m X 12m X 8m
8. Forming speed: 30-40m/min  
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