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Et Ft Ferrite Core

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Product Description
Mode:ET/FT high ui transformer filter ferrite coresApplication information :ET/FT soft ferrites in wide use in TV,cellphone, display, charger of electrombile,alarm,UP power,DC-DC transfer,inductor,and so on.Manufacturer time:1-2 weeks for 20000-40000pcs.Verity of materials:FP4(UI2300),FP44(2400),FP47(UI2500),FP95(3300),FH5(5000),FH7(7000), FH10(UI10000),FH12(12000),FH15(UI15000)Type of supplier:Manufacturer,trader.Remanence85-380Size:ET20,ET22,ET24,ET25,ET26,ET28,ET29,ET35,FT1412,FT16,FT1715,FT1718,FT2014,FT2017,FT2116,FT2318,FT30.

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