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Ethyl Acrylate

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Henan GP Chemicals Co.,Ltd is one of the leading ethyl acrylate suppliers and also a professional such manufacturer in China, welcome to buy bulk ethyl acrylate from our factory.Email : Ethyl AcrylateProduct name2-Propenoic Acid, Ethyl Ester; Acrylic Acid, Ethyl EsterCAS No.140-88-5UN No.EINECS No.205-438-8SpecificationsAppearanceClear, colorless liquid with a pungent odor.Purity ≥℃(GC)99.5Water≤Wt,%0.05Color (APHA)≤10Acidity(AS AA) ≤Wt,%0.005Inhibitor (MEHQ) Wt,ppmAs agreed upon between the buyer and the sellerUse / ApplicationETHYL ACRYLATE is used in the production of coatings, elastomers, adhesives, thickeners, superabsorbents, acrylic esters, and fiber sizing. Sodium acrylate (the sodium salt of glacial acrylic acid) is copolymerized with acrylamide to make an anionic copolymer (a-PAA), which is used as a flocculant in water treatment.Packing180KG/Drum, ISOtank, BulkPacking picture

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