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Ethylene Propylene Polymer

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ethylene propylene polymerJ0050 EPM Ethylene Propylene RubberProduct IntroductionEthylene propylene rubber is polymerized by ethylene and propylene. It is primarily used in blending medium-grade internal combustion engine oils. The product is white transparent colloid. It is solid at normal temperature.Features Excellent thickening capacityExcellent shear stability and thermal oxidation stabilityGood compatibility with all functional additives and pour point depressantsImprove the low temperature property of oilGood oil solubilitySpecificationItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearanceWhite bulk VisualVolatility, %≤0.75GB/T 6373 (Oven Method)Ash Content, %≤0.10GB/T 4498 (Method A)Ethylene Content, Q.8Q/SY JH C 104001Vanadium Content, ppm≤10Q/SY JH C 104004Mooney Viscosity ML (1+4) 100 °CReportGB/T 1232.1Shearing Stability Index (SSI)≤45----Packing & Storage The packaging, labeling, transport, storage, delivery inspection of this product are carried out according to SH/T0164.This product is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-corrosive.When in use, the general prevention methods of concentrated chemicals treatment and adding additives to the base oil should be followed. In case of contact with skin, wash it off thoroughly with detergent, soap and water . Packing:25kg/bag.

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