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European Style Decoration Bathroom Bathroom Wall Dressing Room Sofa Background Wall Decorative Mirro

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: hangingMaterial: Silver mirrorPort of shipment: Ningbo,Website:, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHSM-011HSM-012HSM-013HSM-014HSM-015Specifications(mm)1000*1000900*610900*9001000*7401000*600Product features:1, lens: pure image, high reflectivity, good color and color, the image is beautiful natural, even in the humid environment is durable, no distortion of the advantages of deformation.2, packaging:1) glass products of special materials, the first layer of the stretch film packaging, stretch film has high flexibility to not easy to scratch, prevent mirror scratching, dampproof, dustproof.2) the second layer with 5 cm high strength Baolilong packing, material has high heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, prevent the friction caused by damaged, glass furniture can't lack of packaging materials.3) third layer with high density cardboard packing box, the breaking resistance is strong, high moisture resistance, full protection of furniture4) hit periphery on the wooden frame, solid wood frame materials, hardness and wear resistance, not easy to deformation, to a greater extent to ensure the safe transportation of goods.3, recommended reason:Continental style of decoration in the elegant, noble temperament Kyo, especially in today's diversified elements of life, European style home designed more for its romantic favored, beautiful and practical, ancient and modern perfect combination, die to do old effect, to detail exquisite refined, as if breathing can be easily feel heavy and restrained art culture.4, the product details of work: 9 mm MDF spray black paint, 4 mm silver mirror, plus hand grinding edge. Simple, lively, easy to match, easy to clean, breaking the original bedroom style dull and monotonous, to inject new vitality into the room space.Lens maintenance:When the lens of the bathroom cabinet appears water stain, use soft cloth and neutral detergent.Bathroom cabinet table, ceramic basin maintenance;When in use, do not be hard material carved, the use of a neutral detergent cleaning cloth ScrubBathroom cabinet maintenance;Under normal circumstances, the mirror does not need special care, often with a clean cloth to wipe the surface dust can be. If your home toilet no windows or in wet conditions, often with a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the mirror at the end part of the edge, prevent moisture decline in long-term accumulation at the lower edge of the mirror, mirror;The mirror smooth surface, image lifelike, without any detergent scrub, scrub with a rag soaked in warm water. If there is no oil or Italy scrub material sticky surface, recommend the use of neutral glass cleaning agent ScrubAfter-sale service:If you encounter any problem in the process of receiving, installation, we can at any time to provide professional guidance, if, after receipt of the goods found quality problems (non-human, non use) need to exchange goods, confirmed, we accept returns, and is responsible for related expenses.

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